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(placed the following outside the lj-cut because apparently, some people are horribly dense)

* I am NOT into Sernando. Just because I love Sergio Ramos to pieces, doesn't automatically mean I like FTorres and that pairing. You will find no love for Sernando here and if you regularly post about this pairing, I won't friend you back. Just so you know... if you're a huge Sernando fan, then don't even bother to friend me.

* If you're only into Real Madrid because 'the players are so hot', then stay the hell out of my life.

* Having said that, I no longer post about matches and tactics and stuff like that, because it doesn't seem to work on LJ. Writing an intelligent post about tactics and positioning is a waste of time when people comment with "Gago's hair looked great."

If I haven't scared you away yet, then leave a comment to this entry to be added.

Red Card Homophobia!!!
Dear friends, please spare a moment to send emails to the Croatian Football Federation and the UEFA, in protest against the homophobic statements made by the Croatian Football Federation's president. And spread the word!!!!!!

On Monday, 8 November, Vlatko Markovic, president of the Croatian Football Federation stated that: “While I’m a president of the Croatian Football Federation, there will be no homosexuals playing in the national team…. Luckily, only normal people play football.” Croatian gay and lesbian organizations have already condemned Markovic for these appalling statements, and at Red Card Homophobia we would like to support them by launching an e-mail campaign to the CFF and UEFA (Union of European Football Associations). We have drafted e-mails in both Croatian and English that you can copy and paste and send to both organizations. Don’t forget to add your name as a signature. It only takes two seconds, so we urge you to take the time to help give homophobia the red card.

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Link to original page:
Follow @RChomophobia and @JustinCampaign on Twitter.

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pic of the week.

Viatri celebrating with Gimenez, who has just scored - his first for Boca, I believe - and is kissing the badge. Normally I'm not impressed when fairly new players do this, but Mati did it with such passion and commitment, almost religiously. Just look at his face. He also asked the Tigre fans for forgiveness after scoring against his old team.

Very happy we won our game last night against Tigre; three important points for position. Play was bad, defence was horrid, strikers missed a couple of clear chances. Seba got injured. Lucchetti is just nuts, just when I think he's going to do something stupid, he makes a crazy save. All goalies are slightly mad, aren't they?
But then there was match winner Pochi Chávez who saved the day with a wonder strike, and Fabian Monzón getting some minutes again and showing us he is wasted on the bench. This alone made it worth staying up very late for.

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Not another one...
Ajax player Evander Sno has suffered heart problems during a match for the reserves, and was resuscitated on the pitch before being brought to hospital. He is said to be conscious, and state he probably suffered from tachycardia. Evander is only 23 years old.

Link in Dutch:


Get well soon, Evander!

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LJ wank
Copied from an entry july_v posted:

As other people have mentioned on their journals, and I'm sure most of you know, I do not wish for this journal or comments within it to be linked anywhere outside of Live Journal. Many of us here wish to remain fairly anon and work very hard to keep our LJ activities apart from our RL activities. So, don't be the weakest link or I will go all ninja on you in the middle of the night....

if you don't want your journal posts linked in to fb or twitter, post this on your journal!


Am actually contemplating completely F-locking my journal and setting up a new journal for fics and drabbles, and using that one to post to my communities. Geezus, LJ. Utter wank, this is.

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Title: On a Hot Summer Day...
Author: Lhuneldaiel
Characters: Fernando Gago, Pedro León
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 356 words.
Summary: Pedro feels hot. Fernando has ice water.
Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure this never ever happened anywhere but in my pervy little mind.
Special thanks to: just_jenni for putting me up to this.

Comments are much appreciated.

Inspired by this photo:


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New blog entry
At Footballunited, "Real Madrid Is Not A Boyband".

Watching LA Galaxy versus Real Madrid introduced me to a sound even more appalling than the horrors of the vuvuzela drone. Every time Cristiano Ronaldo was on the ball, there were girls screaming.

Read more:
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stupid girls.
So, Sergio Ramos has a twitter account. He even posted a photo of himself sitting beside a screen which showed the page, to prove it's real.

He also posted a pic of himself and Fernanda, in which they both kiss the World Cup Trophy :

Now if you read the comments to this pic, all these stupid girls are going "Sernando!". ON HIS TWITPIC ACCOUNT, which he is bound to read. What were they thinking??? What a bunch of fuckin' idiots. You don't tell these guys about that part of fandom, they don't need to know.

I don't give a shit if the sernando pairing gets in trouble because of its own moronic fans, but I don't want my guys to be dragged down with it.

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